So how does this work?

Chilled Freezer Meals and Menu Planning offers products aimed at making dinner simple and convenient with a commitment to using whole ingredients you can feel good about putting on the table. Each month, our menu offers 15-18 meals in addition to seasoning mixes, snack options, and desserts. Whether you're local to Eastern or Central Iowa or live on the other side of the country, we've got options for you.

How many people does each meal serve?

We offer two sizes - small and large. Portion sizes are listed in each menu item’s description. A small typically feeds 3-4 people and is the perfect fit for families of four or less. They are also great for meal prepping lunches for the week.  A large serves 5-6 people and works well for larger families or those nights that you may be hosting friends. 

How much do meals cost?

Conventional meals cost $14.75 for a small and $22.50 for a large.  Specialty meals (gluten friendly or Keto) cost an additional $3.  Our shipping bundles include an additional amount to cover shipping costs, and local home delivery can be selected for $10.

How much cooking do I have to do?

Chilled provides ready-to-go freezer meals to feed your family.  Unlike many of the meal kits on the market, there is NO chopping, NO measuring, and very little prep on your part.  Some meals may need to be thawed overnight. Then they are cooked in a crock pot, Instant Pot, or oven. We also offer some meal options such as the breakfast burritos, copycat Maid Rite meat, and single serve pasta packs that only require reheating. All meals come with ingredients and cooking instructions printed on the label, and a cheat sheet is included in your order for details on thawing, oven temperatures, and side suggestions.

What ingredients do you use?

Let’s be real. Most of the food on the market that is convenient and affordable is so full of junk, we don’t love feeding it to our families but we do it anyway because, well hangry kids are no fun for anyone. While it can sometimes be a delicate balance between keeping our meals budget friendly and offering foods your family will actually eat, it is always our goal to seek out high quality ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible. We make our own seasoning blends in house, source all ground beef locally from farmers we know, use soy sauce without preservatives, and as much as possible, we use fresh produce to keep the nutrition content high. While it's not always perfect, we are always seeking ways to grow and get better in this area.

What's included in each meal?

Each meal includes all items needed for the main dish, and many of our meals can be served as stand alone dinners. Since some ingredients and condiments such as lettuce or mayo would be pretty yucky coming out of the freezer, we list those as items you can add at home.

Do you have nutrition facts?

Each item lists ingredients in the details section, and you can find a link for the nutrition information just below it. You can also find a full list of nutrition facts here. Don't see an item you ordered on our site? Send us an email and we'd be happy to send you the label.

Do you have cooking instructions?

Cooking instructions are included on each meal's packaging. You will also receive a cheat sheet with your order including cooking instructions and also recommended side dishes. A master cheat sheet for all Chilled meals can be found here