Shipping Membership

If you love Chilled meals, membership might be for you!

By joining, you'll receive some great perks, including:

  • a free meal during your birthday month
  • free local delivery
  • a 10% discount on your membership meals
  • access to a secret menu
  • lifetime pricing (if our prices increase, so does your membership value)

Each month, you’ll receive a discount code valid for your the total value of seven large meals. You can then choose your meal options by ordering through our website, and that value can be used on any of our products. Feel free to mix and match sizes or choose from single serve options and snacks. To learn more, click here or scroll down to view membership options.

*Please note: the options below are designed for customers outside our local delivery area. Orders will be shipped via UPS. To view local delivery membership options, please click here.

$110.00 USD
$162.00 USD
$155.00 USD
$227.00 USD